Django: A Framework For The Python Programming Language

One of the most intriguing web frameworks for the Python programming language is called Django. As in most frameworks, the idea behind Django is to simplify the more boring and obvious programming tasks required when building an interactive or elaborate web sites that are driven by databases.

Developed in 2005 by The World Company, a news organization based in Lawrence, Kansas, Django was used the backbone for several large news sites before it was released to the public. It is frequently compared to another web framework called Ruby on Rails. The comparison is apt as both stress a “Don’t Repeat Yourself” programming philosophy using model-view-controller techniques.

Django sets itself apart from other web frameworks, aside from its choice of Python as its programming language, with some of its built-in features that come available right at installation. Django has an incredibly innovated admin interface that is automatically generated based on the structure of the database it is connected to. This admin interface instantly gives users an easy way to create, update, read and deleted information stored in the database.

Another great Django feature is its built-in user template system that lets web designers create their templates without having to know any Python code. All of the templates that run a Django powered site are coded exclusively in HTML which is great in a team setting where the web designers are not usually expected to know how to program. More features of Django include a built-in user authentication and administration interface, a means to automatically generate RSS and Atom feeds, a full-blown commenting system, automatic Sitemap generation and a caching framework to help fight server load.

Django has a proven reputation for running very large web sites that receive high amounts of traffic thanks to its creation by The World Company. While the framework itself is open source, it has also been used to launch a success commercial package known as Ellington that is used in the newspaper industry. With client as large as the Las Vegas Sun and The Washington Post it is clear Django is more than capable.

Web development is changing every day thanks to frameworks like Django. Django is especially significant thanks to its use of Python, which is a language that has struggled over the years to earn a foothold in the industry. Python is a highly readable and easy to use language so it is important that frameworks like Django exist to help spread adoption of the language.

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