Cash-Out Refinance

For many, their homes are just not dwellings that protect them against rain, sun, and wind. But they are piggy banks, which can be used to raise some urgent money, even if the home still lays collateral to some loan – home loan or others. Some of the popular/available ways to do so are home equity loans (also referred to as second mortgages), reverse mortgages, and home equity lines of credit. But, there is one more to this list - cash-out refinance. In the following paragraphs, the reader will see more on cash-out refinances and its pros and cons.

Cash-out refinance stands for refinancing a mortgage for a little more than what one actually owes so that the difference in the amounts can be pocketed by the customer himself. For example, imagine one has taken a loan of $140,000 on his/her home, out of which the person still owes $70,000. But he/she now wants a lower interest rate and also some cash, say $15,000, to spend on child’s education.


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