Greeny2.0 theme


Greeny2.0 is a 2 column widget-ready theme. The theme has a web2.0 look and uses different flavors of the green color.

Download Greeny2.0 | Click here for Demo

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Yello2.0 wp theme


Clean theme in yellow colors with large RSS icon in header and 4 125×125 ads in sidebar, Open footer.php to change the ads,

Download Yello2.0 | Click here for Demo

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GreyBox theme


GreyBox is a two column widget ready theme with space for advertising 125×125 banners right at the top of the page. The theme is simple and has a thick black border surrounding the main content.

Download GreyBox | Click here for Demo

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Dark Classic theme

Download DarkClassic | Click here for Demo

All black theme with green tinge and widget supported right sidebar with tag support. Works with 2.3.1 and earlier versions.

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Blue White wordpress theme

Download BlueWhite | Click here for Demo

Clean theme with skyblue header and two sidebars in the right side with space for 4 ads. Works perfectly with 2.3.1 and earlier versions. Sidebars supports widgets and has a section for tags.

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Black Red wp theme

Download BlackRed | Click here for Demo

Sleek theme with black and grey background with 2 widget ready sidebars on the right hand side with space for 4 ads and tags.

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Grey Icon wp theme

Download Grey Icon | Click here for Demo

Minimalistic light silvery grey theme with black page menu and 4 Ads in the sidebar which be easily changed by opening footer.php and replacing :

<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_directory'); ?>/images/!ads.gif" width="172" height="116" alt="" />

with your ad code

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GreenIcon wordpress theme

Download Green Icon | Click here for Demo

3 Column theme with green header, black sidebars and silver post areas. Page menu has nifty icons and theme works with 2.3.1 and below.

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DivClear wordpress theme

Download Div Clear | Click here for Demo

Simplistic theme with two widgetized sidebars, Works with 2.3.1 and earlier versions.

How to change the ads in the right sidebar?
Open sidebar_right.php and change this code with your ad

<a href="#"><img src="<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_directory'); ?>/images/!ads.gif" width="125" height="125" alt="" /></a>

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GlamourYellowRed wordpress theme

Download GlamourYellowRed | Click here for Demo

This theme is more of an old styled theme but it still manages to maintain a modern look with the shading effects used. The navigation bars are aligned to the right and the main page title area is filled with a yellow gradient which fades from dark to light yellow. However unlike a lot of themes you will find, this one has a continuous front page layer which does not have a top or bottom edge. The edges around the main layers are not rounded, they are pointed, and this applies for the navigational bars also.

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