Which One To Go For - Linux or Windows Web Hosting?

Selecting a web host is an important decision that is not easy to take. It’s surprising to see that although the decision is so crucial but still many online businesses often overlook this or don’t even take it into consideration. In web hosting the operating system used also pays a very significant role on web servers. Nowadays there are basically two systems being used either Linux or Windows.

The Linux server is well known for features like faster processing, more efficiency, and enhanced security and is cheaper than any Windows server. The low pricing is the biggest asset. What’s more, the operating system is what is called an Open Source Operating System allowing it in some cases to be downloaded free of cost. This factor allows many web hosting companies to reduce costs considerably.

Since Linux is an Open Source OS hence many programmers get the chance to work on the system and further improve or enhance its capabilities. Many of the bugs are therefore solved easier thus making it far more reliable than Windows.

A slight drawback that the Linux system may have is it can be easily modified as a result of which some hosting services work in a different way than other services. That is why there is some variation between Linux Web Hosting services in the market today. The great thing about Linux is that by using this platform for web hosting and development purposes, many companies get to use other software tools like PHP, MySQL, Python, and XML with ease.

Windows Server:
Whereas the Linux server offers better security and is more cost effective, the Windows server offers far better advanced features. This is more prominent when using database applications, where the user and the server have to interact with one another constantly.

With a Windows server, programming is made easier. You can use ASP pages for web hosting and programming and create a lot of advanced features for the site.

Although Linux is a better operating system in terms of expenses as compared to Windows, however it really boils down to individual requirements and ease of use. For maintaining blogs and being associated with various online communities and forums, Linux offers far better solutions, as it is far secure and most reliable.

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